John Henry Petroleum is a privately held oil and energy industry founded in 1995.  The production company applies three-dimensional seismic imaging and other advanced technologies and applications such as deviated and horizontal well drilling to explore the opportunities presented by oil and natural gas and develop their products in the United States and around the globe systematically.  The company’s technological know-how has stood out since its inception as a future and a development-oriented energy company. John Henry Petroleum is keen to securing opportunities that have seen its great technology and production over time and identified them early.

John Henry Petroleum acknowledges the critical role technology plays in its operation. It is one of the company’s keystones in business strategy. The company uses technological applications to stimulate innovation and reinforce the search for and discovery of oil and natural gas. Through the use of technology in the most creative and inventive ways, and taking sensible risks the company maximizes the net worth of its properties by production and reserve increase while putting cost under control.

John Henry Petroleum has a workforce of 11 to 50 employees with its headquarters in Texas, US. The company employs the best operation methods in its dealings. Its approach to data acquisition generates a lot of growth in production volumes and proved reserves. The company long term plans and agenda are to continue with the monetization of the values through the focused drilling of the best locations and sales of interests in some given prospects inventories.