Since it was formed in 1995 by two former oil and gas executives, John Henry Petroleum has been a wholly independent and atypical exploration and production company. The company’s founders started the company with a goal of moving the oil and gas industry forward through better use of technologies like 3D seismic imaging, new deviated and horizontal drilling methods. They believed them and still do that the proper use of these technologies can make oil and gas exploration far more efficient and profitable.

By discovering and learning to implement the best technologies available to the search for oil and gas, John Henry Petroleum has been able to be profitable for investors at the same time they have stimulated further innovation, which helps the entire industry. They generate strong and steady growth in both net production volumes and in net proved reserves, which means an increase in production at the same time they manage to keep costs under control.

John Henry Petroleum has always thrived on an entrepreneurial spirit. Their focus was on exploration, so they now have a large enough inventory of proven oil and gas production reserves to make them a very successful oil production company for a long time to come. In addition, their level of technological expertise increases their value in the overall industry.