One thing that makes John Henry Petroleum different from a great many oil and gas companies could very well be their strong entrepreneurial spirit. That is by design; the two former oil and gas executives who founded the company did so because they wanted to move the industry forward and it is that entrepreneurship that has allowed them to do exactly that. The company has developed a remarkable ability to stimulate continued innovation in both exploration and drilling by experimenting with and learning how to best apply new and useful technologies like 3D seismic imaging and new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies oil and gas discovery and production, thus making the production of oil and gas more efficient and profitable for nearly everyone.

John Henry Petroleum’s focus on better techniques for oil and gas exploration has put them in an enviable position among energy companies. They have not only developed a significant inventory of proven oil and gas reserves, which makes them strong player in the market, but they have also been able to leverage their methods of exploration and extraction in such a way that they can increase future profitability, as well because they only drill in the most energy-rich areas. That gives them a truly enviable prospect inventory in their project portfolio, which means they have a bright future.